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 Midway Packages of Games
 Dunk Tanks
 Adult & Kids Hi-Strikers
 Fun Mirrors
 Water Baloon Battle
 Giant Bean Bag Toss
 Giant Bowling
 Giant Ring The Bottle
 Spin Art Machine
 Jonah and the Whale
 Noah's Ark
 Giant Slayer
 Bull Rope'n
 Archery FUN
 Road Kill
 Pig Races
 Holiday Game Package
 Ball Roll/Over & Under
 Frog Flinger
 Ring Toss
 Gone Fishing
 Balloon Dart Game
 Swashbuckler Frame game
 Classic Carnival Game Package
 Classic Carnival Package B
 The Party Animal Package
 The Sports Package
 The Class Act Carnival Package

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Midway Packages of Games    Back to Top

ALL MIDWAY PACKAGES DESCRIBED BELOW; The booths are 8' x 8' and striped to give your event the midway feel. We rent these packages in groups of 5 games and 5 booths.



Dunk Tanks    Back to Top

Hit the target and someone is going to get wet. Our dunk tank includes a window in the front of the tank so you can see the person in the water. This is a classic game that is still a hit at almost any event.



Adult & Kids Hi-Strikers    Back to Top

The ring the bell strong man game in both the kids size version approximately 6' tall of the teen/adult version at 14' and 17' tall. The fast play makes this a great unit for fund raisers.



Fun Mirrors    Back to Top

Kids and adults crack up when they see themselves in one of these silly mirrors. Choose from the 6'; or 4' models. Both are cute and a great addition to any event.



Water Baloon Battle    Back to Top

The water balloon battle. Comes with 2 launchers and a speed balloon filler. Great fun for hot summer days.



Giant Bean Bag Toss    Back to Top

This is the same game that kids loved for years except the game is 8' tall and 4' wide. Players try to throw ultra light oversized bean bags through the holes.



Giant Bowling    Back to Top

The pins are 5' tall and the ball over 4' tall. Players try to knock down all 6 pins in a single roll. Very flashy and lots of fun.



Giant Ring The Bottle    Back to Top

Similar to the game you see at carnivals everywhere except the coke bottles are 2' tall racked in an attractive red and white six pack. Players try to get the ring over the giant coke bottle.



Spin Art Machine    Back to Top

A hands on activity that everyone will enjoy! Spin Frisbees or cards on our commercial grade Spin Art Machines. Choose from Single Spinner or Dual Spinner machines.



Jonah and the Whale    Back to Top

Each player tries to get one of the fish into Jonah's mouth.



Noah's Ark    Back to Top

Each player tries to throw one of the animals into the Ark and safety.



Giant Slayer    Back to Top

Each player tries to get a beanbag through the target on the head of goliath.



Bull Rope'n    Back to Top

Players try to ring the bull with the ropes!



Archery FUN    Back to Top

A super safe way for everyone to enjoy the fun of archery. This game is built for all ages experienced or not. The arrows are specially designed with a foam tip that you shoot at the target just like you would doing the real thing.



Road Kill    Back to Top

Try To throw the Animals Into the hole on the truck!



Pig Races    Back to Top

Up to six people can play this game! The starting board goes up and the race is on. It is great fun to watch these little pigs race across the finish line! A different pig wins almost every time!



Holiday Game Package    Back to Top

Include our Christmas Theme carnival games in your event and all ages will have a blast. We use white booths with lots of lights and holiday theme carnival games that we invented so you will not see them anywhere else. We have many other great games to make your holiday event the best party of the season.



Megawire    Back to Top

This is a game of patience and skill. You must maneuver the wand across the Megawire without touching the wire or it will beep. It challenging and a little addicting. No one can play just once.



Ball Roll/Over & Under    Back to Top

The player rolls 6 ball down the game into the partitions with a number above. If the player scores a total of under 11 or above 30 then they are a winner. This is the perfect game to include for those who are not great at tossing or throwing since you just roll the ball. If you want to make it easier then just change the score to under 15 and over 25 or whatever score you like to reach the difficulty level you want. $60 per day rental fee



Frog Flinger    Back to Top

Load your frog on the catapult frog flinger and with just the right amount of pull the player launches their frog across the swamp and hopefully right onto the lilly pad to win the game. Beautiful graphics, and fun for all ages. $75/day rental charge



Ring Toss    Back to Top

A true carnival classic! It is a little bit hard but players can not stop once they start. We have a couple of different styles to choose from all of them challenging and fun.$75/per day rental fee



Gone Fishing    Back to Top

The player must roll the ball just right and launch the ball off the ramp to land in one of the targets. The rules you dictate determine the difficulty level. It is easy to get one in but a lot harder to get one in each slot with three balls.This is a very attractive game mounted on a table good for all ages. $75/ Rental fee



Balloon Dart Game    Back to Top

This is a carnival favorite, the player must pop the balloon with the dart to win. The difficulty level is up to you. It is not to hard to break one balloon with 3 darts close up. It is very hard to break 3 balloons with three darts from farther back. Comes with a bag of balloons and plenty of darts.



Swashbuckler Frame game    Back to Top

A great pirate theme game. Use the launcher ( Super hard) or simply allow the players to throw the the black cannon ball into the side of the pirate ship to win. The graphics on the frame games are beautiful and add polish to any event. The frame games are a 6' x 6' backdrop that are simple to put together and transport in a golf case so you can easily pick these up at our warehouse and save any delivery charges. They are attractive and fun! $125/day rental fee



Classic Carnival Game Package    Back to Top

Includes the five Canopies described above and the following five classic carnival games that are a lot of fun and have been around forever. Fat Cats, Over/ Under Ball Roll, Ring Toss, Krazy Cans, and an antique Milk Can Toss Game.



Classic Carnival Package B    Back to Top

Includes the five canopies above and 5 different traditional games that have been around forever and are still as fun and popular today as they were a generation ago because they never go out of style. Plinko, Coin Pitch, Waffle Ball, Balloon Dart and Shuffle Bowl.



The Party Animal Package    Back to Top

Includes the five canopies above and the following five great carnival games. Bull Rop’n, Frog Flinger Flip a Chick Launcher, Gone Fishing and Pig Races. There is something for everyone in this package!



The Sports Package    Back to Top

This sports carnival is traditional carnival games with a sports theme it has something for everyone to try regardless of the player’s skill level. The five games included are Crazy Driver, Roller Bowler,End Zone , Putt Putt Golf and Fast Pitch.



The Class Act Carnival Package    Back to Top

Includes the five canopies above and 5 incredible carnival games. These are beautiful games that were built by a high end cabinet maker in Texas and by far the nicest carnival games that we have. They spend a lot of time perfecting these games that will even fold up like a suitcase when transporting so they stay looking great. They are fun, beautiful. And durable. The perfect addition to your company picnic or event. The games are Monkey Mayhem, Leaping Lizards, Mini Golf, Skeet and Tic Tic Toe.



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