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 Adrenaline Rush
 Airbourn Adventure
 Ball Crawl
 It's a Balloon Typhoon!
 Bouncer of Monkeys!
 Basketball Challenge
 Wild Rapids
 Bungee Run
 Gladiator Joust Game
 22’ Dual Bay Slide

 Half Pipe Slide
 Kid'z Gym
 The Tropical Obstacle Course
 Polka Dot
 The Soccer Challenge
 Inflatable Speed Sport Baseball Throw
 Batter up T-Ball Game
 Robo Surf
 The Spud Brothers
 Surf and Slide

 The California Wave Slide
 The Undersea Adventure
 Seaweed the Sea Surpant
 Velcro Wall
 Wacky World
 Rescue Hero's
 Three in One Sports Inflatable
 18' Single Bay Slide
 Fun Run Jump Climb and Slide
 Space Adventure Slide & Bounce

 Water Balls
 Wrecking Ball
 Life's a Beach
 Leaps and Bounds
 Slip and Slide
 Bungee Basketball
 Jurassic Safari Bounce
 Robo Surf
 Robo Surf
 Aquarium Playspace
 Long John Silver Pirate Ship Combo
 Skid Loader Bounce House
 Water Slide Dual Helix
 Candy Zone

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Adrenaline Rush    Back to Top

Huge 360° obstacle course is the ultimate race. Two players do their best to get to the end of the course before their opponent by crawling, squeezing, climbing, rolling, and sliding through the challenging obstacles. Separate but identical courses for each player adds an additional element of safety to the game.



Airbourn Adventure    Back to Top

Players are safely strapped into a specially designed harness attached to a parachute inside the inflatable spacecraft. The attendant turns on a second blower and the player goes way up above the crowd for a birds eye view of everything. The attendant turns off the blower and the player floats gently down to earth. This is a very unique fun experience for kids. Maximum weight is 175 pounds.



Ball Crawl    Back to Top

The kids can jump for a while and then play in the over 2000 balls that we can put inside of the inflatable Carousel. The inflated size in 12' x 12' x 13' tall. The ramp is approximately 5' long.



It's a Balloon Typhoon!    Back to Top

The fun begins when children step inside one of these brightly colored characters and find themselves in a whirlwind of flying balloons. The Balloon Typhoons combine all of the elements of motion, color and catch. This is the perfect choice for the 3 to 8 crowd.

Choose from a friendly Clown or the Baboon Typhoon.



Bouncer of Monkeys!    Back to Top

Kids can Monkey around in this cleverly themed bouncer. More fun than a barrel of monkeys! We provide the barrel (bouncer), and you provide the monkeys (kids)! Endless laughter and fun. The inflate is 20' round and 18' tall.



Basketball Challenge    Back to Top

The action is fast paced in this competitive game. Each time you score a basket the ball comes out on your competitor’s side and each time they score a basket it comes out on your side. The object is to be the first one to get rid of the balls.



Wild Rapids    Back to Top

This Super fun water slide is 35 ft. long and is great for a hot day!



Bungee Run    Back to Top

A giant bungee cord is attached to each player. Each player runs as far as they can until they are pulled back like a giant sling shot. Each player marks his or her distance with a velcro marker on the center wall. This 36' long inflatable will keep them coming back for more!



Gladiator Joust Game    Back to Top

This game is a cross between King of the Hill and a Pillow fight. Contestants try their best to knock the other player off the pedestal and onto the inflatable mattress below with giant padded jousting poles. This game is as fun to watch, as it is to play. Available in 2 player or 4 way player versions. The inflate is 22’ x 24’ and the minimum set-up area is 30’ x 30’.



22’ Dual Bay Slide    Back to Top

Players climb up the slide in the middle and then slide down either side of the game. The dual slides allow this game to handle a lot of players per hour. This unit is steeper, faster and has a slightly smaller footprint then our standard 22’ slide. We had it built with screening at the top so the players cannot jump from the top onto the slide. They must sit to slide.



Half Pipe Slide    Back to Top

You'll get DOUBLE the fun on this 60' long, 23' tall slide. This is one of the most impressive slides you've ever seen. It actually looks like a giant half-pipe complete with inflatable skater dudes on top. Players enter from one side, climb up and slide, then climb up the other side again. It looks great and is fast and fun. The inflate is 60' x 15' and requires a min. set up area of 70' x 25'. Or if space is a a problem, you may rent 1 section of the slide so it becomes a very fast fun single bay slide.



Kid'z Gym    Back to Top

The huge gym themed play space is complete with bar bells, a teeterboard, basketball hoops and popups and is surrounded by an obstacle course with popouts, popups, climbers and slides.



The Tropical Obstacle Course    Back to Top

This a 52' Obstacle Course with stuff in the middle to make your way through and a slide at the end to make your way over. Everything is enclosed to make sure the fun stays in the game. A very fast fun unit with a Tropical look perfect for many theme parties.



Polka Dot    Back to Top

The inflatable version of twister. If you thought the regular version of twister was funny, wait until you see people going for right hand blue when the surface is inflated. This is fun for kids and adults and a real crowd pleaser.



The Soccer Challenge    Back to Top

Everyone that plays this game has a blast. Each player gets two balls to start. If you get the ball through one of the holes it goes to your opponents side and they now have 3 balls to get rid of. Get your last ball through the hole before your opponent kicks one back and you win. It is a challenge to get the ball through the hole and you are kicking as fast as you can to beat your opponent. It can also be played as a simple get it through the target and it comes back game.



Inflatable Speed Sport Baseball Throw    Back to Top

Challenging and fun for all ages. State of the art radar and a large display allows each player to see how fast they can throw of kick. Available with baseball or soccer backdrops. Available in 2 sizes.



Batter up T-Ball Game    Back to Top

The ball is suspended in air while the batter tries their best to hit it through one of the holes in the outfield. It could be a homerun or an out. The ball rolls back down to the front after each hit. This game is not just for the little ones. Kids up to 13 (even some adults) enjoy the challange. 12' x 14'.



Robo Surf    Back to Top

Surf’s up! Get ready for summer at the beach and hop on our mechanical surfboard for the ride of you life. With out surf machine you can hang ten anywhere. An operator controls the system by adjusting the angle and motion of the surfboard adjusting difficulty levels to suit each individual. Don’t worry about wipeouts, participants fall into an ocean of inflatable fun.



The Spud Brothers    Back to Top

This is an obstacle course like no other. In the back of this 38’ long inflatable are the eyes, nose and mouth of the spud. Each player must run through all of the obstacles and back again and place the face part on the spud then send their teammate for another. The first team to complete the face wins. This is one very competitive game!



Surf and Slide    Back to Top

The clouds above the 34' long inflatable runway drip water for a fast fun ride. Players run as fast as they can and dive onto the unit sliding safely to the end. This is the perfect unit for hot summer days and pool parties.



The California Wave Slide    Back to Top

This is a spectacular inflatable. The giant wave is a dual bay slide and a work of art that is sure to be the center of attention at any event. At 32' tall and a 24' slide area this is the perfect addition to a large event or picnic.



The Undersea Adventure    Back to Top

Kids enter through the mouth and encounter biffers. baffers and all sorts of other cool stuff to climb over and through. There is also a slide at the end to add to the excitement. This unit is over 55' of fun and will entertain up to 250 kids per hour.



Seaweed the Sea Surpant    Back to Top

Seaweed is 55 feet of crawl through fun. Lots of biffers and baffers inside and a cool little slide at the beginning gets the fun going.



Velcro Wall    Back to Top

The player slips on a specially designed Velcro suit and launches themselves into the air off the inflatable cushion step to see how high they can go. They stick to the wall in the position they hit it. Hilarious and fun!



Wacky World    Back to Top

It's a Wacky World, especially in this fun-filled adventure! Run, climb crawl, hopscotch, slide, jump, dodge, squeeze and twist yourself wacky. Wacky World incorporates both a hopscotch and twister style surface for kids to play. Excitement abounds! The inflate is 29' x 28' and is 12' tall.



Rescue Hero's    Back to Top

This is serious fun for the little ones. Designed just for the under 5 crowd with lots of fun stuff to climb over inside. The open top allows parents to keep a close eye on the kids and see how much fun they are having.



Three in One Sports Inflatable    Back to Top

Soccer Kick, Basketball Toss and Football Toss all in one inflatable game. This is a great addition to your picnic since it is fun for kids and adults to play. 20' x 20' x 13' Tall



18' Single Bay Slide    Back to Top

Kids will have a blast sliding again and again on this attractive single bay slide.



Fun Run Jump Climb and Slide    Back to Top

At over 70 ft long this gigantic 3 piece unit delivers the fun. It has pop-ups inside, a jumping area two climbs and a slide. Fully netted on the sides add safety and good visibility of the players.



Space Adventure Slide & Bounce    Back to Top

This 16' x 25' space themed slide and bounce duo is great for any party. Inside their is space men/spaceship pop-ups and a basketball hoop along with other various pop-ups to climb and crawl through. The colors and art on this inflatable are out of this world!



Water Balls    Back to Top

Walk, crawl, and run in water! Water balls are the hype of the year!! Kids can't get enough of these balls.



Wrecking Ball    Back to Top

Wrecking Ball is the best game to challenge your friends in a duel! The players get onto a inflated pedestal and use the giant Wrecking Ball to knock each other off onto the inflate!



Life's a Beach    Back to Top

Basic 13 X 13 Beach themed unit



Leaps and Bounds    Back to Top

This game features a series of four giant inflatable balls which challengers must leap across to reach the other side. Climb up the ladder on one of the side platforms high above the biggest ball pit you’ve ever seen. Then try to cross the course by leaping from ball to ball like a frog or running across the giant balls to make it to the other side! But don’t worry if you fall off, this floor of the pit protected by our super-soft landing cushion featuring air bag technology.



Slip and Slide    Back to Top

This is the perfect activity for hot summer days and pool parties. Players run and slide to the end. This is not like the slip and slide many remember as kids where you you jumped on a hard surface that hurt and then slid onto the grass. This is a soft landing with a stop at the end so no pain just plain fun. Requires access to a hose and electricity.



Bungee Basketball    Back to Top

This is a cross between a basket ball competition and tug of war. Each similar size player starts in the middle attached at the waist to their opponent with a bungee cord. On your Mark Get Set Go! Each player tries their best to make a basket on their side of the inflate, the problem is their opponent is trying to do the same thing as they are attached to each other with a bungee cord that will only stretch so far. Try to make a long shot and miss and you to experience the challenge of trying to pick up your ball while your opponent is pulling like crazy to get closer to their basket. Loose your balance while shooting and the other player will take advantage and bring you back to the middle so they have an easier shot. This is a challenging game that is fun to play and even more fun to watch.



Jurassic Safari Bounce    Back to Top

Cool Dinosaur graphics on the front, a safety step and see through netting all around make this the perfect unit for Dinosaur lovers who like to bounce high. The 15' x 15' jumping area provides plenty of space for jumping fun.



Robo Surf    Back to Top

Test your surfing skills without getting wet.. The surfing action starts out slow and gets going faster and faster until you either fall safely into the inflate around you or you prove you are Mavericks material when it hits full speed. Challenge your friends to see who can stay on the longest. This is fun for kids 8 and up to Adult. Makes great pictures and its fun to watch.



Robo Surf    Back to Top

Try your best to stay on the surf board it moves up and down simulating the wave action you would get if you were surfing. Our operator slowly increases the speed so it gets more challenging. If you fall it is on to a soft inflatable complete with palm trees to set the theme. Fun to watch and fun to play.



Aquarium Playspace    Back to Top

This huge inflatable play space features all kinds of fun stuff inside for the kids to jump on and play with including giant yellow starfish sea serpents, a giant turtle, a corner slide and other cool things. The enormous size of 31’ x 31’x14’ tall allows 15 kids at a time to play inside.



Long John Silver Pirate Ship Combo    Back to Top

Beautiful and Fun! 32’x 16’ x 17 tall allows plenty of room to party in this bounce slide combo.



Skid Loader Bounce House    Back to Top

Looks just like a real tractor, the detail incredible the fun factor is high. 19’ x’ 14’ requires about 25’ x 18’ to set-up. This is also awesome to pair it with the Dump Truck Slide!



Water Slide Dual Helix    Back to Top

Slide straight down or follow the curved slide into the pool. It is a fun ride either way. This inflatable that is 18’ tall and 36’ long. Access to water is needed. Available with a slip and slide that connects to the side so you have a spectacular and fun water attraction.



Candy Zone    Back to Top

This beautiful, colorful, vibrant candy themed bouncer is excellent for young kids. This unit is a combination unit with a slide, a bounce area, and even a ball hoop! Let your kid’s imagination run wild in this candy delightment without worrying about cavities!



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