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Other Fun Stuff

Whether you are looking for simple classic fun or unique and wacky amusements, we have lots of miscellaneous fun stuff that will make your event "The Ultimate in Fun!

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 Big Foot Race
 Rock Climbing Wall
 Foosball Tables
 Gem Stone & Mineral Mining
 Slime Machine
 The Golf Challenge

 Hippity Hop Horse Races
 Squash Air Hockey
 Giant Tumble Blocks
 Quarterback Toss
 Furious Fowl
 Kick & Score

 Giant Trikes
 The Strip Photo-Booth
 Indoor Midway Package
 Super Fun Slide
 Professional Karaoke

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Big Foot Race    Back to Top

Two teams of three players each must work together to win the race on top of these giant feet. This is great for team building and a lot of fun to watch! This game is for grass only.



Rock Climbing Wall    Back to Top

Add an exciting and challenging experience to your event with our 25' tall 5 climber rock wall. It is extremely safe because of the state of the art belay system that will let the climber down gently to the ground if and when you let go of the hand holds.



Foosball Tables    Back to Top

Table soccer is always a popular addition to any event.



Gem Stone & Mineral Mining    Back to Top

Better then the gold rush! This is a BYC original and one of the most unique games you will ever see. Kids get a bag of mining rough (Sand with gems and Pyrite) They then pour that sand into a specially built screen box and use the large mining sleuth with water circulating to uncover their treasure. This mining game is very impressive with an 8’ tower that billows water out into 2 small cascading sleuths before getting to the two 8’ long units in the front of the game where the kids find and collect their treasure. This is a unique game fun game.



Slime Machine    Back to Top

Want to slime someone? Then have them sit under the bucket, hit the target and they will get slimed with the green stuff. (Actually a non staining harmless green formula.) Guaranteed to bring lots of laughter!



The Golf Challenge    Back to Top

This is a game we frequently rent to company functions and they often call to see if they can keep it another day. It is fun and competitive. This is also a great indoor game.



Hippity Hop Horse Races    Back to Top

Silly but fun. We have had CEOs of some of the Bay Areas largest companies compete with senior management and the crowd went crazy. Great team building game. Also a lot of fun for a 5th grade promotion party.



Squash Air Hockey    Back to Top

A little more challenging and a lot faster then regular Air Hockey since the players stand next to each other and must hit the perfect ricochet shot to get the point. Flashing lights and sounds add to the excitement. It is set to free play so the fun never stops.



Giant Tumble Blocks    Back to Top

A lot like the classic game of Jinga but these are giant. blocks. It gets very exciting toward the end of the game when the tower is almost as tall as the players. All ages like this game.



Quarterback Toss    Back to Top

Fun and beautiful game for anyone! Trow the football in the hole and win!



Furious Fowl    Back to Top

Everyone loved that angry birds game! Play it in real life with this beautiful game!



Kick & Score    Back to Top

Everyone loves soccer! Kick the ball into the hole!



Megawire    Back to Top

How steady is your hand? Players try to move the wand across the Megawire without touching the the wand to the megawire or it will beep. It is challenging so players want to try again and again to win. See it in action here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-CPVuOctIU



Giant Trikes    Back to Top

These Giant Trikes are perfect your event! They are fun and easy to ride! Set up a course and see who wins.



The Strip Photo-Booth    Back to Top

This is the latest and greatest with respect to Photo Booths. It is open air style so you can take pictures of 7 or more people at the same time. If Wi Fi is available each strip photo will have a QR code at the bottom that will allow each person to immediately download the picture into their camera and to social media almost instantly.



Indoor Midway Package    Back to Top

Midway packages can be ordered for indoor use. This package includes anything from any of the other midway packages.



Super Fun Slide    Back to Top

This super amazing slide with its vibrant colors is 90 ft. long and has three race lanes! This slide is fun for all ages, adults and kids alike.



Professional Karaoke    Back to Top

This is a great system that comes with Hi End Yamaha Speakers on Towers, Amplifier, and mixer with reverb, 32” Monitor and 1,000 songs without Wi-Fi and over 15,000 with Wi-Fi. Select your favorite song by using the included IPad to bring your favorite song to life.



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