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In 1987, we purchased a fixer upper house in Walnut Creek, Ca. We worked on this place every weekend for almost a year. We seldom saw our friends or family at all during that time. Sandy my wife decided to make up for it by having a huge party for our son Eric Jr's 3rd birthday and invite everyone we knew.

She was going to have a Backyard Carnival! She spent months painting appliance boxes and making games out of cupcake pans and fishbowls. She purchased little trinkets as prizes and even found a tape of Merry-go round music for atmosphere. She invited everyone we knew and recruited some of our friends and family to help run the games for the kids. The party was a huge success!

After the party was over, we did not want a garage full of cardboard so we placed all of her hard work by the curb for the garbage company to pick-up. For months after the party was over those that attended would comment on what a great party that was and it became clear, that this was something people really enjoyed and felt was special. A light bulb went on, this was the beginning of Backyard Carnivals LLC now DBA The Fun and Game Experts.

I spent my free time for the next year designing and building kids games and booths that would be durable, fun, cute and could fold up to be transported by a small trailer. When I finished building the games I offered to let my son's school use the games and booths free as a fundraiser and to test them out. The school made money and everyone loved it. I decided to try these new games out on a larger scale. I called one of the local Chambers who hosted a 4th of July event for 30,000 people and as it turned out, they were getting criticism for not having enough for kids. The event was so successful that people stopped by their office the following week to thank them.

They were our first paying customer and still are a regular customer to this day. In no time at all the first set of 10 games were rented out every weekend. The next winter I built more games in my garage and purchased our first inflatable. Within a couple of years, I had to give up my commercial real estate business to devote full time to our little weekend business.

Since then, we have outgrown three warehouses, have hundreds of games and have been a part of thousands of events. We changed our name to "The Fun and Game Experts" since we primarily do large events now. Our client list includes local schools, churches, community events and some of the largest companies in the Bay Area. Our son Eric Jr. now 33 has completed his degree in Business/Entrepreneur Management at Chico State and works for an internet company but still helps out on busy weekends. Our daughter Amanda is now 27 has completed her BS in Kinesiology, married and is mom to a toddle names Roman. She is having to much fun so she staying with the family business as manager and keeps our offce and HR running smoothly. and still manages field events events when she can.  She loves our company, customers and staff and you will see it if you work with her at an event.

The majority of our business is repeat customers and referral business because we really care about each event, safety, customer service and Fun is our #1 priority. That is why our customers trust us with their events year after year. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or for a quote for your event.

Have Fun!

Eric Sossamon CEO

Propietor of Fun

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